Jentek respectfully observes our clients’ privacy and security rights. Therefore, we have withheld the names of individuals and companies of the following testimonials to prevent unsolicited contact. Reference lists are made available for qualified inquiries. For more information, please contact us at info@jentekwater.com.

“My condensers have never been cleaner since bringing in Jentek. The chemicals are keeping my equipment running with better efficiency and the corrosion I used to see on my tube sheets is much better than with ……”

“Jentek has serviced our facility for five years and they have never dropped the ball. They seem to know a problem exists before we do and have already fixed it. They really stand behind 24 hour service. I recommend Jentek and [my water specialist] without reservation.”

“We used to have a lot of clogged coils. Jentek cleaned up my system before my old salesman even returned for service! Now, we have a new water treatment partner. Keep up the good work.”

“I fired several companies before discovering Jentek. The service level and professionalism of my service tech is outstanding.”

“Before working with [Jentek], I was told it was normal for cooling towers to turn green during summer and some slime could be expected in my chillers. Jentek showed me an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. My towers are now clean…not green! Thanks for your company’s hard work.”

“The sight glass on our steam boilers used to look orange. Our engineers are much happier to have a professional group treating our boilers. Jentek has cleaned up our boilers and we’re not having our steam traps clog anymore. I recommend [Jentek] to help other companies with their process heat.”

“The purchasing policy here used to be low bid wins. Jentek Water Treatment proved we couldn’t afford to continue with that philosophy. We receive backup of their work with valuable return-on-investment numbers. My company has been using Jentek exclusively now for 4-5 years.”

“Safety is a big concern for Jentek. They insist on handling their chemicals. When they ripped out our old chemical station and did a new job turnkey, I was impressed. They improved the look of our plant instead of accepting status quo. Jentek has spent a lot of time with our engineering department training them in water treatment and safety.”